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Nelson Garden

Thanks to the heat mat and its sub-heat, seeds germinate better and cuttings root faster.

Place mini-greenhouses, trays or pots with saucers directly on the heating mat, from sowing to seed germination. The mat heats the soil to around 29°C, which contributes to increased condensation in, for example, mini greenhouses with lids, and therefore requires good ventilation.

When the small plants are 2-3 cm and have developed characteristic leaves, the sub-heat is no longer needed. To get plump and strong plants, a lot of light is now needed and the most favorable room temperature is around 16-18 °C.

A heating mat can also be used when a small plant is to be replanted from, for example, a mini-greenhouse to a larger pot. The sub-heat then favors the root formation/root growth of the plant.

Other information: Size 22 x 53 cm, cord length 1.55 m, 20 W, IP 64, double insulated.

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nelson garden

Nelson Garden is a Swedish cultivation company founded in 1933 in Småland.
Today, Nelson Garden offers the widest range of seeds in the Nordic countries.
Nelson Garden stands for the joy of cultivation, while always keeping in mind that
the idea of the environment and sustainable ecological development.

Allafröer.se sees Nelson Garden as one of our obvious suppliers as the quality and knowledge is high while they have a wide organic range.


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