Tomato pineapple


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Tomato pineapple is a medium-early tall variety that yields fruits of 110- 115 grams. This tomato variety will become a favorite for those who enjoy flavorful, sweet fruits. Tomato pineapple is good in salads and for canning.

Tomato pineapples have a medium to large size and are usually round or slightly flattened. Its skin is yellow and red while the flesh is juicy and has a varied combination of yellow, pink and red. This colorful combination makes tomato pineapple stand out among other tomatoes and makes it a favorite among food lovers and gardening enthusiasts.

For gardening enthusiasts, the tomato is a fun and exciting variety to grow. Its colorful appearance makes it an attractive ornamental plant in the garden. Growing tomato pineapple requires similar conditions as for other tomato varieties, with enough sunshine, water and well-drained soil.

In conclusion, this variety is a fascinating and delicious variety of tomato with its unique combination of colors and flavors. Whether you use it in cooking or grow it in the garden, tomato pineapple is sure to add a lovely touch to your meals and create a visual feast for the eyes.

Seeds are sown in March. For the seeds to germinate quickly and uniformly, they are covered with glass or film. Soil temperature should be at least +21-26 °C, room temperature should be at least +23 °C.
When the plants develop 2-4 true leaves, they are planted one by one. The plants are placed outdoors, when there is no longer a risk of frost. Tomatoes are not demanding in terms of soil, but thrive best in clay soil. A diet containing tomatoes is thought to reduce the risk of developing cancer and heart disease.
0.1 g contains 20-30 seeds.
0.1 grams is enough for 6-8 square meters. Gives rich harvest, up to 35-50 kg, which can be expected under favorable growing conditions.


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